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Want to learn Hebrew? We recommend Living Biblical Hebrew

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Want to learn Hebrew? Becoming fluent in Biblical and modern Hebrew is one of the highest goals for us. We have looked at, purchased, and have been working through several Hebrew grammars, workbooks, and programs in the last few years.

Learn Hebrew - Living Biblical Hebrew

One of our favorites is Living Biblical Hebrew by Dr. Randall Buth. It unique and innovative among Hebrew language courses.

This program is different than nearly every other Hebrew class we’ve seen. It attempts to mimic the way we learned our native language.

It does this by starting with simple associations between pictures and sounds, the same way we all learned our first language. You see a picture of a man and your hear the Hebrew word for man. You see the picture of a cup and you hear the Hebrew word for cup, and so forth.

Only after a thousand of these pictures and associated sounds/words do you start to focus in on grammar and syntax and the things traditionally associated with language grammar textbooks and classes.

Here is a short video example of Living Biblical Hebrew‘s approach to how to learn Hebrew:



Like I said, we’ve looked at several Hebrew language courses and recommend most of them, including Basics of Biblical Hebrew by Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt, and Beginning Biblical Hebrew by Mark Futato. But Living Biblical Hebrew is entirely different. It’s a total sensory experience. 

They have also recently added an online program in addition to their annual in-person Ulpan program in Jerusalem. They also have courses in Living Biblical Greek–so check them out!

About Dr. Randall Buth:

Dr. Buth is a leading scholar in Biblical languages who has a a PhD in Semitic languages and has spent nearly twenty years as a Bible translator/consultant pouring his biblical background into dozens of translation projects both for Wycliffe Bible Translators and United Bible Societies. Drawing on his combined knowledge of linguistics, biblical studies, and translation experience, he developed the Living Biblical Languages, becoming the first to adapt methods for learning a second language to the study of biblical languages.


Learn Hebrew with Living Biblical Hebrew:

Biblical Language Center


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