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Submit a Torah Teaching

Do you have a Torah teaching?

One Torah believes that iron sharpens iron and that all spiritual gifts are given for the building up of the one body of Messiah.

Therefore, we welcome your high quality Torah teachings on our website! So if you have a well-written Torah teaching that you believe will build up the body, please send it to us! And be sure to tell others you know.


Submission Policy:

To be eligible, a teaching must be an original work of at least 1,500 words.

You can write on any topic related to the Torah or the Bible in general that you think would be of interest to One Torah readers. To be eligible, a lesson must be an original work of at least 1,500 words, but 2,500 to 4,000 words is ideal. Even longer teachings are allowed, but may be split into several parts.

Be sure to thoroughly proofread your teaching and have at least one friend or relative proofread it please!

We reserve the right to edit teachings for length, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and to delete any portions that are off-topic. We reserve the right to post only those lessons that we deem to be appropriate for our site.

Lessons that are promotional in nature are not accepted—these are supposed to be teachings, not ads.

Articles may be written under pseudonyms, you do not have to use your full or actual name.

Plagiarism is absolutely unacceptable—do not steal someone else’s teaching!

You must submit only your own original work. Brief quotes from other works are acceptable, but only if quotation marks are used, and full attribution to the original author or source is given. Any plagiarism will be grounds to have your teaching removed.

If you choose to submit images (photos, graphs, charts, etc.) to accompany your teaching, understand that the publishing of those images is at the discretion of One Torah, and the images may not be used. You must be the copyright owner of the image or it must be copyright free or under a creative commons license. Do not just search Goggle images and use one that you find. You must choose Search tools and then choose Usage rights and then choose either Labeled for reuse or Labeled for noncommercial reuse. Images need to be web quality, not print quality—please do not send extremely large files e.g. larger than 1 mb.

Once your teaching has been posted at One Torah, you cannot submit it elsewhere. And we cannot accept teachings that you have already posted or submitted elsewhere. If you’ve already submitted the teaching elsewhere, then do NOT submit it to One Torah unless you own (or have regained) full copyright and have the permission of any third party site(s).

Please submit your teachings only in MS-Word, RTF, OpenDocument, HTML, or plain text format.

By submitting a teaching to One Torah, you agree to these terms. Click to email us your Torah teaching.

Thank you and Shalom!


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