One law for Jews & Gentiles +
One faith in Yeshua the Messiah =
One people

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If you’re new to Torah or to the Messianic movement, welcome to One Torah! The best place to begin is with our Start Here video. It includes answers to common questions and the foundational teachings that will prepare you to go deeper into your study of the Torah.


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If you’ve already been keeping Torah for a while and are looking to study the more challenging subjects, we recommend starting with our Messianic Bible Study section. And if you have original, high quality teachings of your own, we’d be happy to post them on our website! Click Submit a Torah Teaching to learn how.


Recent Updates:

An American Homestead

An American Homestead

Have you ever heard of An American Homestead? If not, you should definitely check them out in the video below. Zachary & Jamie Bauer are Torah pursuant believers who left the rat-race of the city life behind and traded it all in for the off-grid homesteading experience of a lifetime! They live in rural Arkansas…

What it takes to prepare a Jewish Kosher meal

What it takes to prepare a Jewish Kosher meal

Ok, this is meant to be fun! We don’t practice Judaism, so we don’t follow the additional rabbinic rules for food (like separating meat and dairy), but we do follow the food instructions found in the Bible (what Judaism calls the written Torah). And this video about what it takes to prepare a Jewish Kosher…

The Second Exodus

The Second Exodus: Do we flee “in haste?”

Part of our Messianic Bible Study When is the Second Exodus? When do we flee? And do we flee “in haste?” This is an article I wrote as a Facebook note about two and a half years ago and then completely forgot about until recently when people started to comment on it and share it….

Keith Green To Obey is Better than Sacrifice

Keith Green To Obey is Better than Sacrifice

Keith Green To Obey is Better than Sacrifice: What can we possibly say about Keith Green that would do him justice. If you don’t know Keith’s music, you should. Keith was a Jewish believer in Yeshua and was passionate about his faith and his walk. Take 3 minutes to listen to this song and read…

What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?

What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?

Part of our Messianic Bible Study   This teaching is available both in video and in written format. Click on the above video to watch it, or continue to read if you’d prefer. Either way, please Like it and share your comments below.   What is the Hebrew Roots Movement? Maybe you have heard of…

Can We Eat All Things - 119 Ministries

Can We Eat All Things?

Can we eat all things as followers of Yeshua (Jesus)? This is a good video from 119 Ministries that lays out some of the misconceptions that Christians have about the Biblical food laws. As always, we don’t agree with every teacher or ministry on everything. We “eat the chicken and spit out the bones.” So…

Messianic Music from

Messianic Music

News • Music • Books • Food This is a regularly updated blog of some of our favorite Hebrew Roots and Messianic music! If you’re looking for Hebraic music from artists like Paul Wilbur, Ted Pearce, Joshua Aaron, Jonathan Settel, Matisyahu, Joel Chernoff, Marty Goetz, Steve McConnell, and more–look no further! If you don’t know…

A-Z List of Torah Class Teachings

A-Z List of our Torah class

From our Messianic Bible Study   Can Christians eat pork? Did Jesus abolish the law? Did the Church really begin at Pentecost? Did they keep Torah in the New Testament? Is the Jewish calendar Biblical? Jewish holidays vs. Biblical holidays One law for Jews & another for Gentiles? Should Christians keep the Sabbath? Sons of…

working on the sabbath

Working on the Sabbath

Under what circumstances is working on the Sabbath ok, if any? Feigy Stern writes a very interesting article about how it is normal for religious Jews in Israel to be working on Shabbat. It is maybe a little surprising for Messianics to discover that even observant Jews in the land of Israel still struggle with…

Ultra-Orthodox Haredi women

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women bare all on Facebook

This is a fascinating story about Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women and their growing use of private Facebook groups. (“Haredi” is the preferred term instead of the more negative term “Ultra-Orthodox.”) The concern for modesty makes it harder for these women to get advice and share information about sensitive subjects. This apparently has led to the creation…

Messianic books

Jewish Study Bible

The Jewish Study Bible is another invaluable resource for Messianic believers to better understand the Hebrew roots of our faith.  Those from a church background have rarely if ever been exposed to the Jewish way of thinking about what is after all the Hebrew Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament).   From the publisher:…

Paul Wilbur Holy Holy Holy

Paul Wilbur Holy Holy Holy

Paul Wilbur is one of the pioneers of Messianic music. If you don’t know his songs, you should! He is the first Messianic worship leader many of us heard, and many traditional Christians will recognize some of his songs as well. This is a 26 minute clip from a live worship concert called A Night…

Torah New Testament

Messianic Torah Scroll Being Written

There seems to be a growing sentiment among at least some rabbis that the Messiah will return soon. Because of this belief, one rabbi in Israel–Rabbi Yosef Berger–has spear headed a plan to unify all of Israel via a Messianic Torah scroll that is being written with the express purpose of presenting it to him…

Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking statement on Christianity

Orthodox Rabbis Christianity: This is certainly a positive development and hints at further evidence to the gathering of the lost sheep of Israel and the rejoining of the two house of Israel. Twenty-five Orthodox rabbis from Israel, the United States, and Europe have released a statement that starts as follows: To Do the Will of…

Joshua Aaron Kadosh Ata

Joshua Aaron Kadosh Ata (You Are Holy)

Joshua Aaron Kadosh Ata: Our family loves to play Messianic worship music every Shabbat while we enjoy time in the Scriptures. This song–Kadosh Ata by Joshua Aaron–is one of our favorites! Kadosh Ata means ‘You are holy’ in Hebrew. If you’ve never heard it, check it out:     About Joshua Aaron: Joshua Aaron is…



About One Torah Ministries

One Torah Ministries-rabbi-bible-studyOne Torah is a ministry of reconciliation between Jewish and Gentile believers in the God of Israel. One Torah believes that there is one law, one faith, one body, one Messiah, and one God.

Believers demonstrate this by loving God and loving one another; and He defines what love is in His law–the Torah.

We believe that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew)–this is God’s love toward us. But after we are saved, we show our love to God through obedience, which results in abundant life and blessings for us and our families.

The church has the Messiah but has forgotten the Torah. The Jewish people have the Torah but have forgotten the Messiah. Only when this dilemma has been reconciled will we truly be the One people of the God of the Bible.


One law for Jews & Gentiles + One faith in Yeshua the Messiah = One people.


For the congregation there shall be one rule for the native-born and for the resident foreigner who is living among you; it is an eternal rule throughout your generations. There will be one torah and one rule for you and the resident foreigner who is living among you.  Numbers (Bamidbar) 15:15-16


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