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It’s been way too long since we’ve posted anything to the website other than to approve comments and answer questions. Please accept our sincerest apologies, we do not take lightly that you take the time to visit this website–especially if you check back regularly. It is our goal to update it weekly and, ultimately, to add posts multiple times per week.

So what happened? Well, a couple of things. First, like everyone else, we’re very busy. I work full time and my better half is a full time home schooling Torah teaching mom, and an amazing homemaker! But still, that’s no excuse for not posting any new content in several months when we were posting every week.

Honestly, a couple of things have really resulted in the slow down. First, we’ve been pursuing our goal of becoming more self sustaining through the growing of our food. Ultimately, we would like to homestead. This has involved a lot of time and effort building raised garden beds and planting and caring for our first garden. And it has been a huge learning curve which has involved countless hours reading, researching, and watching videos on everything related to gardening and permaculture. The same is true for our goal to have a solar powered back up system.

While it is me and my wife’s preference to spend all of our time studying Scripture if left to our own device, it is not a balanced approach to life. We need to spend more time working with our hands and learning how to be less dependent upon the system. As someone raised in an urban environment without a father, this is something that is very important to me, and long overdue. Thankfully, my wife is super supportive!

Second, we’ve been greatly disappointed with the level of fighting and dissension within the Torah pursuant Messianic community. It’s gotten to the point where most days it’s not worth even looking at Facebook due to all of the bickering back and forth about how to pronounce the divine names, whether or not the earth is round or flat (not making it up), and other issues. I can only imagine that the lack of unity within the body of Messiah must break His heart.

I’m not painting everyone with the same brush, there are good and decent brothers and sisters within the community that genuinely want to study and teach and live out the Torah, and especially the weightier matters. I think now of Rico Cortes and Brad Scott and Steve Moutria and Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, just to name a few. These are folks who also have been alarmed by the level and tone of hostility taking place within the body of Torah pursuant believers, especially on social media. While it’s probably not the right reaction, my response has been to back away and disengage.

Third, as with the goal of doing more practical tasks like gardening, I’m constantly torn between further Torah study and working on the website. There’s a finite amount of time in a day and a week, and my choice is always between studying Scripture and Hebrew and Greek, reading the ever-growing stack of books I want to read, and taking the time to write a new teaching, produce a video for it, or alternatively, finding something edifying or interesting to post to the website. It takes a tremendous amount of time to actually do it right and not just throw something up on the site. And especially because we do not take lightly the responsibility to teach the Word accurately.

Again, my preference is to read all the time, so any time spent gardening or writing teachings is less time in the Word. But the reality is that all of these things need to get done as we believe we are called to do all of them. So the only solution is to be more diligent in dividing our time and making sure we’re getting at least something done in all of these important areas each week if possible.

Lastly, a few times in my twenty-five year faith journey I’ve hit a wall. I’m wired to want to know exactly what we are to do with our lives based on the Scriptures. I don’t do well with ambiguity. I think I would have thrived in the wilderness with YHWH giving His instructions to His people and Moses being there to ask for clarity when needed. I’m not trying to rebel, I genuinely want to obey my Daddy. This is why I also believe I will do well in the second Exodus if I’m still around when the time comes.

But few things in Scripture are unambiguous, in my opinion. Many may disagree with me. But if you study literally any Biblical subject, very learned people from all backgrounds simply disagree on nearly everything. This is why there are so many denominations and sects within Christianity and Judaism (and everything else in this world). Even within the very small group of Torah pursuant believers in Yeshua, folks who sincerely want to be obedient to the commandments cannot agree on how to do so.

And so, honestly, from time to time in my walk, I get frustrated and just need a break for awhile. Not a break from following YHWH and Yeshua, just a break from being painfully aware of the division within the body of Messiah. Frankly, the last few months has been one of those times. Please pray for me and my family and this ministry that we will be faithful to the calling that YHWH has on our lives.

Ultimately, for me, there are just a few beliefs/doctrines that are non-negotiable. Everything else falls under the category of “agree to disagree.” If you’re interested, here’s a section from our About Us page:


Our Non-Negotiables

For us, we try to keep this list at a minimum. We recognize there are various views and positions on nearly every possible issue. Good people who love YHWH and love Yeshua and love the Scriptures simply disagree. And that’s fine.

Our position is that we are experiencing the consequences of being in exile for the disobedience and unbelief of our forefathers and for our own sins. When Messiah Yeshua returns, He will straighten out all of the doctrinal confusion and remove sin and rebellion from the camp once and for all. And then we will indeed keep Torah. Until then, we are only pursuing Torah as best we can and as best we know how. So there’s no point being hostile and unkind to fellow believers.

One law for Jews & Gentiles:

As we’ve stated many times throughout our website and teachings, we believe that the written Torah (the Bible, the Scriptures, the Tanakh) is for all people who serve and worship YHWH the God of Israel. We do not believe that Gentile believers are only obligated to keep the so-called Noahide laws as Judaism teaches.

We do not believe that all of YHWH’s eternal commandments, statutes, regulations, and instructions—that He gave to His people to be a blessing if they would keep them—were done away with by Yeshua. We believe that Yeshua as the Word made flesh was the perfect example of obedience that we should walk in; and that what He did away with is the curse of the law, which is death as the consequence for sin. Non-binding traditions that do not contradict Scripture are a matter of choice for the believer and the congregation.

One Faith in Yeshua the Messiah of Israel:

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth is the prophesied Messiah (anointed one, christos) of Israel. We believe the Scriptures teach that He is the living Torah, the eternal Word made flesh. He is the physical manifestation of YHWH (who is spirit and cannot be seen in His full glory by humans). Yeshua is the “word” of YHWH, the “hand” of YHWH, the “name” (ha shem) of YHWH, the “angel” (messenger) of YHWH,” the “wisdom” of YHWH, the “presence” of YHWH, and the “glory” of YHWH.

We, therefore, reject the view held by some within the Messianic community that Yeshua was only a man, chosen by YHWH to be the Messiah. Instead, we maintain that He is the physical manifestation of YHWH and, therefore, we accept a complex monotheism which was commonly held within Judaism until the second century C.E.

YHWH is unique, uncreated, eternal, and the Most High. Statements about His “oneness” are referring to these attributes of His character, not in how He chooses to manifest Himself to His creation. We agree with the Jewish Publication Society’s own translation of the Shema:

Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. Deuteronomy (Devarim) 6:4 JPS Tanakh 1985

YHWH indeed is our God, YHWH alone is our God!


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