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More Christians Striving to Live Biblically-Oriented Lives

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More Christians Striving to Live Biblically-Oriented Lives:

More Christians Striving to Live Biblically-Oriented Lives

Believers camping for the Fall festival of Sukkot

A growing number of non-Jewish people around the world are searching out their ancestral roots and coming to the conclusion that they are members of the ten lost tribes of Israel. So says a story at Breaking Israel News.

These are people that for the most part do not seek to convert to Judaism. But they are interested in living out a more Torah pursuant lifestyle.

One such community is made up of about 70 members in Aqaba, Jordan: “There is no official name for the movement of which the 70 people in Aqaba are part. They are variously called Ephraimites, Ten Tribers, Hebrew Roots, B’ney Yosef, or Torah-observant gentiles.”

When asked why the group is living in Jordan rather than in Israel, one member answers that, “We can’t make aliyah (become citizens of Israel) because, for one thing, we won’t give up our personally held belief that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah.”

While many within Judaism are against these so-called Gentiles living a Torah pursuant lifestyle, others disagree. Says Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, co-host of Israel Inspired on the Land of Israel radio Network:

Historically Jews have tried to stay away from too many interfaith encounters… But times are different. We have now returned to our homeland and we are no longer at the mercy and whims of the nations around us. And as we return home, there are spiritual tectonic shifts of historic magnitude happening both within the Jewish people as well as the world around us.

One of the most shocking and curious of these shifts is happening within Christianity, as hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world are connecting to the Jewish roots of their faith, keeping many of the Biblical holidays, Torah commandments, and Jewish rituals.

While many Jews write off this phenomenon as a duplicitous Christian strategy to blur the lines between our two faiths in order to accomplish their age old goal of converting us all to Christianity, I have encountered too many Christians who are thirsty, even parched, to learn Torah from the Jewish people, to dismiss this spiritual movement in one fell swoop.


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