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Want to learn Torah? Start HereWant to learn Torah? Start Here

Are you new to Torah? Have you been wondering what is Torah or Shabbat? Are you wondering if you and your family should be keeping the Biblical feast days and following the Biblical calendar? Many people we’ve talked to feel like they are the only ones in the world who believe these things. That is not true at all! There are literally thousands of families around the world who are responding to Yahweh’s awakening of the heart in these days. So what’s the first step? How do you start to learn Torah?



What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?What is the Hebrew Roots Movement?

Maybe you have heard of the Hebrew Roots Movement or Hebraic Roots and wondered what it is. Or maybe you’ve heard of the term Messianic, Messianic Jews, or Messianic Judaism. You may have even heard it called by the pejorative term the Hebrew Roots Heresy. But what do these terms mean?



Free Messianic Bible study - Should Christians keep the SabbathShould Christians keep the Sabbath?

Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? Is the way Jewish people keep the Sabbath the Biblical way? Does it matter?

Most Christians believe at least two things about the Sabbath that are not based on Scripture: (1) They believe that the Sabbath is Jewish, that is, it was only given to the Jews. (2) They believe that the Sabbath day was changed from Saturday to Sunday.




Free Messianic Bible study - Can Christians eat pork?Can Christians eat pork?

Is eating pork a sin? Did Jesus eat pork? Do Christians have to obey the dietary laws of the Bible? Do the Jewish people follow the laws correctly? Is it healthier for you? Is kosher the same as Biblical?

These are common questions many Christians have when they read Bible verses about food or hear someone discussing kosher food rules.




Free Messianic Bible study - Torah definitionWhat does the word Torah mean?

What is a good and accurate Torah definition? The Torah has several meanings and connotations. It is the Hebrew word most often translated as law in what Christians call the Old Testament and the Jewish people call the Tanakh.

TaNaKh is short hand for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible—Torah (law), Nevi’im (prophets) and Ketuvim (writings).




Free Messianic Bible study - What does Jehovah mean?What does the name Yahweh mean?

You may be more familiar with it as Jehovah. The name Jehovah is better pronounced as Yahweh and is the proper name or covenant name of the God of Israel. It refers to what is known as the tetragrammaton, the four letters transliterated from the original Hebrew language as YHWH. In Hebrew it is יהוה and is pronounced from right to left as Yode Hey Vov Hey.




Free Messianic Bible study - Jesus fulfilled the lawDid Jesus abolish the law?

What does it mean that Jesus fulfilled the law? Did Jesus abolish the law? That’s what we were taught. The law (Torah in Hebrew) was old and bad for us, so Jesus came to do away with it and start a brand new religion called Christianity. But is that what the Bible says?




Free Messianic Bible study - Paul and the lawWas Paul against the law?

What is the relationship between Paul and the law? Was Paul against the law? That’s certainly what the church teaches regarding Paul. The problem is that the apostle Paul frequently contradicts himself, at least he seems to.





Free Messianic Bible study - The church in the wilderness

Did the Church really begin at Pentecost?

If so, who is the church in the wilderness that was at Mt. Sinai? This is another foundational teaching and concept that, if the church could see it, has the potential to begin the full restoration of the people of God. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the believer to read and grasp this truth.




Free Messianic Bible study - Torah New TestamentDid they keep Torah in the New Testament?

Here’s another question: If Jesus came to do away with the law (Torah in Hebrew), why did His followers continue to keep it for literally decades after His resurrection and the day of Pentecost?




Free Messianic Bible study - One law for all

One law for Jews & another for Gentiles?

Is there one law for Jews & another for Gentiles? This may be the most important teaching of this ministry. If we could conclusively show from the Scriptures themselves that Yahweh, the God of Israel, has always had but one law for all His people, then the man-made doctrines and divisions that separate the church from its Jewish brothers would crumble.




Who is Israel?Who or What is Israel?

Is it a country in the middle east? Is it the people in the Old Testament (the Tanakh)? Is it the Jewish people of today? Is it the Christian church?

According to the Scriptures, Israel is the covenant people of Yahweh, the God of Israel. Anyone who is in covenant with Yahweh is Israel. Not in the flesh, you do not transform genetically into one of the 12 tribes of Israel. No, it’s a spiritual transformation.



Free Messianic Bible study - In the World But Not of the WorldSons of God, Christmas, & Other Controversies

This teaching contains ideas about the Bible you may have never heard of before, and may be shocking or offensive to you. Even if you’ve read all or much of the Bible, you probably glanced over what we’re going to cover without much thought. And some of these things are so ingrained into our culture and the culture of the church that your first reaction is probably to dismiss it without even seriously considering it. We encourage you to remain teachable and weigh what we’re saying against the Scriptures to see if they are true.



Free Messianic Bible study - Jewish Holidays

Jewish holidays vs. Biblical holidays

Should Christians keep the Jewish holidays? Are they the same as the Christian holidays? Is either the same as the Biblical holidays? Does it matter? It’s not uncommon for those coming out of institutional Christianity to stop observing the Christian holidays, and instead, immediately start following the Jewish holidays.

The goal of this lesson is to understand the differences between the holy days as found in the Bible from those of either Judaism or Christianity. This is the starting point for then deciding which if any of the Jewish or Christian holidays you and your family choose to follow.




Free Messianic Bible study - Jewish Calendar image

Is the Jewish calendar Biblical?

Should we follow the Jewish calendar? Is it the same as the Christian calendar? Is either the same as the Biblical calendar? Those coming into an understanding of Torah soon run into these questions as they seek to be obedient to Yahweh and restore His holy days and appointed times.






Free Messianic Bible study - The Second Exodus

The Second Exodus: Do we flee “in haste?”

Until recently my understanding of the Tribulation was that we would flee into the wilderness and attempt to “endure until the end.”

With this understanding I was thinking that we needed to get with like-minded Torah pursuant brothers and attempt to buy land and build shelters and store up food and water and medicine and supplies for the long haul—whether that be 3.5 or 7 years.

However, lately I have been leaning heavily toward the understanding that the first exodus is the pattern for the second exodus.



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