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High Priest is Chosen by Sanhedrin, Temple Service Could Be One Week Away

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High Priest is Chosen by Sanhedrin, Temple Service Could Be One Week Away:

High Priest is chosen by Sanhedrin

(Photo: Abba Richman)

Although not widely accepted or considered authoritative within Judaism, a Sanhedrin has been re-established in Israel and has recommended a high priest to serve over a priesthood that is currently in training.

Rabbi Baruch Kahane is part of the Halacha Berurah Institute where preparations are being made in case it becomes possible to reinstitute the Temple service. A registry of eligible priests is being compiled, and prospective priests are being trained in all aspects of the rituals required in the Temple, including the Yom Kippur service, the most sacred holiday on the Jewish calendar. Vessels and utensils have been made, and a replica of the alter is being used for training and in reenactments.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesperson for the Sanhedrin, explained to Breaking Israel News why it is necessary to choose a high priest, even though there is no Temple currently standing in Israel:

“We do not need a miraculous occurrence like the sudden appearance of a Temple descending from heaven onto the Temple Mount to make this decision relevant,” explained Rabbi Weiss. “The only obstacle preventing the Temple service today is the political issue. If that should suddenly change, as it very well could, we would be required to begin the Temple service immediately. It is therefore necessary that we have a candidate prepared to fill the role of the High Priest, especially now that we have kohanim prepared to serve in the Temple.”


The main point of the story seems to be that everything is already in place to resume the Temple service, and the only thing preventing it from happening is the lack of political will on the part of the Israeli government. A correction was added to the story explaining that while the Sanhedrin recommended Rabbi Baruch Kahane for the position of high priest, he was unwilling to accept it at this time.


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