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One Torah is a ministry of reconciliation between Jewish and Gentile believers in the God of Israel. One Torah believes that there is one law, one faith, one body, one Messiah, and one God. Believers demonstrate this by loving God and loving one another; and we learn what love is in His law–the Torah.

We believe that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew)–this is God’s love toward us. But after we are saved, we show our love to God through obedience which results in abundant life and blessings for us and our families.

The church has the Messiah but has forgotten the Torah. The Jewish people have the Torah but have forgotten the Messiah. Only when this dilemma has been reconciled will we truly be the One people of the God of the Bible.

One law for Jews & Gentiles + One faith in the Messiah of Israel = One body.

For the congregation there shall be one rule for the native-born and for the resident foreigner who is living among you; it is an eternal rule throughout your generations. There will be one law and one rule for you and the resident foreigner who is living among you.
Numbers (Bamidbar) 15:15-16


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